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ImexDop C+ table top fetal , vascular doppler , choice of one probe from 2,3,5 or 8mhz probe , free shipping in USA

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Product Description

ImexDopCT + 

More Features for Your Investment

Once you use the IMEXDOPCT+™, you'll understand why Nicolet Vascular is known for giving you more features for your investment. From the easy-to-use touch controls to the unique smart-charging stand, we included all of the features our customers asked for in a Doppler system. We're confident the features of the IMEXDOPCT+ will surpass the requirements of even the most demanding user. The reliability and performance of the IMEXDOPCT+ has been proven with years of experience and thousands of units in use. 

Versatile, Interchangeable OB and Vascular Probes

Five interchangeable probes covering a wide range of applications are available for use with the IMEXDOPCT+. The 2 MHz probe has deeper penetration and is best suited for monitoring the fetal heart tones in larger women and women later in their pregnancy. A 2 MHz waterproof probe can be used for patients who opt for underwater labor or delivery. The 3 MHz probe has a shallower penetration than the 2 MHz probe and is best suited for use with thinner women and in the early stages of pregnancy. For vascular use, the 5 and 8 MHz probes provide access to both deep and superficial arteries and veins for determining systolic blood pressures, vessel patency and locating hard-to find vessels. IMEXDOPCT+ probes are interchangeable with probes from the Pocket-Dop II for maximum flexibility between Nicolet Doppler systems. You can store two probes at a time in the protective baskets on the unit. 

Exceptional Features

Built-in, dual speakers provide superb sound quality, even in the noisiest environments. The unit is larger than our pocket style Dopplers, to ensure it does not get misplaced or stolen, yet it is lightweight at 2.7 lbs. The "on/off" and volume controls are easily accessible. An LED display tells you whether the system is turned on, charging or has low batteries. An automatic "off" circuit conserves battery life when not on the charging stand. 

Digital Readout

The IMEXDOPCT+ automatically calculates the fetal heart rate or a pulse, so there is no need to use a watch. State-of-the-art autocorrelation tracks the complex fetal heart sounds and vascular blood flow to provide an accurate count every time. 

Automatic Recharging

The IMEXDOPCT+ can be placed on a counter or mounted on the wall or to an IV pole. The convenient charging stand is one of a kind. Simply place the IMEXDOPCT+ into the stand between uses. It will automatically recharge the unit so it is ready to go when you need it next.

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