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Choice Medical MD300CA finger tip oximeter, ONE PIECE , DROP PROOF DESIGN

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Product Description


Designed To Meet The Rigorous Demands Of The Professional - the new OxyWatch 300CA Professional Series Finger Pulse Oximeter is a totally new design with features suggested by professional users! The 300CA Finger Oximeter features a new 'all-rubber' design to be both comfortable and durable!. If you drop it, it just bounces and rolls. There is no other oximeter like it. The new Oxywatch Finger Pulse Oximeter features a higher-level ofmoisture-resistance, to prevent contamination or damage. A rechargeable battery means no battery replacements - convenient for you and better for the environment! Finally, the new OxyWatch Finger Oximeter has a new microprocessor that will auto-compensate for infrared LED attenuation - in essence, it auto-calibrates as it ages. So you still get accurate, trusted readings thousands of uses later. This auto-compensation test is performed more frequently than with virtually any other oximeter on the market today, at any price. Rugged, Attractive Design!

The new OxyWatch Finger Pulse Oximeter features a bright organic-LED (OLED), 2-color display that is easy to read in either sunlight or dim lighting. In addition to the oxygen-level and pulse, a plythsmograph (heart-rythym graph) is displayed to show pulse-signal strength and provide information on possible heart arrythmias or unusual patterns. The OLED display uses less battery power than traditional red LED displays, so you get lots of use before needing to recharge.
The OxyWatch Professional Finger Pulse Oximeter comes complete with 2 rechargeable batteries (use 1 while charging the other), a protective carry-case with a belt-hook, and instruction-sheet. Backed by a 2-Yr Manufacturer Warranty.

The 300CA Professional Series Finger Oximeter has received FDA approval for use in medical facilities, and is manufactured according to the latest ISO processes. Accuracy, non-slip comfort, moisture-resistant, rechargeable battery, and auto-compensation for LED attenuation are all standard in the new Choice for professionals (or anyone) requiring a finger pulse oximeter.
  • Oxygen Sat. Range: 35-99 %, Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Pulse Rate Range: 30-240 BPM
  • Over 200 Spot-Checks On One Battery Charge

What included :

1) oximeter

2) two Li-on rechargeable battery

3) Charger

4) USB charger cable

5) Hand String

6) instruction manual

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