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UPR-900 veterinary multi-function infusion pump , free shipping

UPR-900 veterinary multi-function infusion pump , free shipping
Product name: Multi-functional infusion pump
Model: UPR-900
Pumping type: Peristaltic finger pump
IV set requirement: Standard IV set (1520 drops/ml), or micro drip IV set (60 drops/ml) with 3.4^4.5mm tubing
Flow rate setting range: 1 ml/h^999 ml/h
Drip rate setting range: 1 drop/min^333 drops/min
Flow rate step: 0.1 ml/h
Flow rate accuracy: ±5% ( standard PVC set must first be adjusted)
Drip rate accuracy: ±1.5 %
Timing range: ±30%
Volume setting range: 0^9999ml
Volume infusion display range: 0^9999ml
Purge rate: 600 ml/h
KVO (keep vein open): 1 ml/h
Air bubble detection method: Ultrasonic
Drip detection method: Infrared photo-electric beam
Peristaltic finger pump equipment: Detachable
Display: Color LCD with high backlight
Blocked pressure detection: 40KPa^140KPa, sensitive adjustment of 8 levels
Alarms: Infusion Monitoring:
Air in tube, door open, occlusion, pause, infusion finishing, abnormal dripping,leakage, tube slope etc.
  Diagnosis malfunctions:
  Low battery,damaging battery,abnormal dropping sense organ,abnormal electrical set.
  AC power source: 100V^240V, 50Hz^60Hz
  Inner battery: Rechargeable Ni-hydrogen battery, DC12V, 2000mAh
  Charge time: 16 hours
  Discharge time: e5 hours
  Power consumption: AC power supply: <20 VA, battery supply: <5 W
  Weight: 2.1 kg
  Safe classification: Class a; type CF; Portable; IPX 4
  Dimensions: 140mm×168mm×230mm
  Operational condition: Temperature: +5^+40; Relative humidity: d80%
  Use range: Venous infusion,Vasodilator medicinal preparation,Anticancer drug,Accelerative procreate drug, Nutrient liquid and other kinds of medicinal liquid, mini infusion and rapid
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