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Nicolet VersaLab LE ,simple waveform display , choice of 4or 8 mhz probe , free shipping in USA

Nicolet VersaLab LE ,simple waveform display ,  choice of 4or 8 mhz probe , free shipping in USA
Compact, Economical and Versatile

The VersaLab lets you perform basic vascular testing anywhere. This bi-directional Doppler has a built-in printer for fast and easy documentation. And best of all, the compact VersaLab is loaded with diagnostic features at a value-packed price. 


The VersaLab is available with bi-directional 4 or 8 MHz frequency, continuous wave Doppler transducers.You can select the optimum frequency for the peripheral application of your choice. 

Documentation for Reimbursement

Now you can hear and see the results from your Doppler testing procedures. VersaLab's built-in printer provides fast, complete and accurate documented results of exactly what's displayed. The unique image scrolling feature allows you to review up to 50 seconds of data so you can choose the perfect waveforms to document the patient's condition. No other portable system offers the flexibility to preview the printout prior to printing- helping to eliminate wasted time and paper! All of the pertinent information is printed: date, time, probe frequency and settings, velocity and various calculations. Documentation is complete with room for examiner comments. This comprehensive documentation aids in reimbursement, allows for placement in the patient's chart and makes repeat studies for follow-up or research purposes easier. 

Portable and Convenient

The VersaLab weighs a mere 1.9 kg (4.1 pounds) and is battery or line operated for the ultimate in portability and convenience. Our optional tilt-stand allows for wall mounting or desktop use with adjustment for the perfect viewing angle. 

Accurate Visualization and Quantification

The VersaLab portable Doppler system is available in two models. The simple waveform traces on the VersaLab LE clearly indicate the peak or mean blood flow profile. While the VersaLab SE with spectral analysis displays more comprehensive information about all components of the blood flow profile to quickly delineate venous from arterial flow, and to more accurately indicate conditions such as turbulence. Both offer accurate visualization and quantification of blood flow parameters including velocity, directionality and a host of calculated measurements. 

Benefits of Color Spectral Display

  • Review all frequency components of blood flow profile

  • Visualize turbulence and other flow disturbances

  • Determine and document the quality of flow

  • Quickly distinguish arterial from venous signals

The VersaLab provides you with the means to perform bi-directional vascular testing with documented results for a very economical price. It allows you to perform portable vascular testing in a fast, accurate and convenient way wherever it is needed. 
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