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1, Q , How to identify a product is approved by FDA for marketing in USA .

A. FDA keeps a database on line for you to check for approved medical device. Here is the URL of FDA device listing database. You can search by Manufacturerís name ( usually the applicantís name ) , or 510K no. We can provide 510K no. on your request.

2, Q . Can I become your reseller ?

A , Yes , Please send us an email , tell us your company name , address, phone no. fax no. We will evaluate if you are qualify as our reseller . If you are qualified , we will set up an dealer a/c . Once you log in dealer a/c , you can find many items in wholesale price.

3, Q , How should I choose the payment methods ?

A , We offer variety flexible payment methods.

If you like to pay with Credit Card with instant process, Please choose Paypal Pro: DirectPayment. Your credit card information will not be left in our database .

If you like to pay with Credit card at time of shipment , please choose Credit Card . Your Credit Card will be stored in our database in secured encrypted form. Your credit card information will be cleaned from our database after shipment. .

If you like pay with check , please fill in whatever number account no. and routing no. , We will make shipment until your check or money order arrives .

If you are qualified for net 30 days term, please choose COD payment . We can ship your order before payment arrives.

4, Q , Do you offer credit for sales ?

A , Yes . If you are our reseller , we offer net 30 days if you has been pre-approved for such terms .

If you are purchasing big ticket equipment like ultrasound imaging system , we can offer lease packet if total value is over $10,000.

5, Q , How your arrange shipping ?

A, Usually we can ship your order within 2 business days

If you choose free shipping for certain item, seller can choose the best shipping method at sellerís option.

If you choose the least expensive shipping method, seller can choose the best shipping method at sellerís option.

If you choose express shipment , seller can choose UPS, Fedex , DHL or USPS at seller option but maintain the same delivery time frame.

6, Q , Where you ship the order from ?

A, We ship most order from Northbrook, IL , 60062